design and islam, that’s what i’m all about.

design and islam, that’s what i’m all about.

may peace and blessings be upon you!

i’m muhsin, currently in year 11 and preparing to do my gcses this summer. while i’m focusing on school, i also like doing a bit of design on the side, which is what i loved since i was in year 6.


design is so much to me, it’s what makes up a part of me and it’s what i’m passionate about, and to be honest - idk what i would be doing rn if i didn’t have design to stop me from being bored

and although design is one part of me, so is another core part of my life - my religion. islam has been something i’ve been interested in from day one, likely from being brought up in a fairly islamic household.


islam has taught me so many things like having faith and trust knowing things will be okay, having patience and perseverance in the hardest times and warning me about things that would have potentially destroyed me that sometimes society wouldn’t tell you about until it’s too late.

often i’ve been told not to include things like religion and personal beliefs when looking for work-

but i find expressing personal things such as islam which mean so much to me is so important for having a transparent brand and being full of personality!


back to design if you made it this far, logos were the first things i started making, in fact i started off in microsoft powerpoint to make logos and all my other designs, crazy right? i switched to illustrator in 2020 and added figma to my skillsets in 2021, where i started getting serious.

i started learning different things, even making a full on ui kit for figma based on the discord app. i joined design twitter and honestly i’ve just been honing my design and communication skills and i’m super happy where i am today

props to you if you made it till the end, i’m happy my story meant something to you! honestly, there’s so much more to this story but i don;t think i have the capacity to write that much for one website - if you want to know more you can message me and i would be happy to tell you about other things!

theres much more to this website, maybe you should check out everything that’s there! perhaps it would help for some inspiration if you’re a designer or you might be looking to hire somebody that looks and sounds exactly like me...

so, what are you waiting for? lets work together.

so, what are you waiting for? lets work together.

don't like emails? me neither lol